Small Business Loans for Minority Entrepreneurs

Our business environment is not actually a place that offers equal opportunities for all. The sad reality is that minorities continue to be discriminated against when it comes to getting a Small Business Loan, particularly if they have low credit scores. However, there are several ways around these social, financial, and racial barriers with minority small business loans with bad credit.

While some institutions allocate a particular quota of small business loans to minorities, this is usually just a marketing strategy. In every way they count, they are similar to any other business loan. They have similar terms, similar interest rates, and similar qualifying criteria as any other business loan. However, there are loan programs and many other options available that try to level the playing field a bit. Here are some of the best loan options for minority entrepreneurs.

# Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

If you are a minority entrepreneur, you may consider consulting the Small Business Administration loan. The SBA is a government agency that guarantees Small Business Loans for small business owners. They don’t lend the money in a direct way, but rather work in conjunction with other lenders. If you apply for a business loan with an SBA lender and it is approved, the SBA will back that loan. It cuts the amount of risk for the SBA lender. Due to this, you can usually qualify for a business loan when you normally couldn’t.

The SBA doesn’t have a certain program designed for minority entrepreneurs. But they have a color-blind policy which means they view each app as the same. This develops your chances of getting approved for a business loan. Check here!

 # Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Loans

Minority-owned businesses often operate in poor locations and usually do not have any guarantees. They have difficulty obtaining funds at affordable terms and rates, especially from traditional lenders. Additionally, the business owner is likely to have an excellent credit rating, a high collateral amount, as well as a very safe business model.

CDFIs goal to help poor businesses by giving them access to finance when they need it. With the backing of the Federal Government, they can make minority bad credit small business loans to minority entrepreneurs who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining financial help from more traditional lenders.

# Minority Business Development Agency

This is actually a government agency with online as well as business centers across the country. One of their best business services is connecting minority entrepreneurs with caring lenders.

# Non-Profit Organizations

Several organizations, like the Valley Economic Development Centers, partner with a diversity of financial institutions to offer finance opportunities, particularly for minority entrepreneurs. And the National American-African Small Business Loan Fund assists American African business owners to expand as well as maintain their businesses.

# Alternative Lenders

At this time, alternative lenders are a comparatively new phenomenon. They operate primarily online and evolved accordingly of traditional lenders adopting stricter criteria for making business loans. Many institutions can give you quick and easy access to alternative lenders.

Business loans from alternative lenders are less of a problem to succeed for, even for small business owners with poor credit ratings. If you think you are a disadvantaged minority entrepreneur, this is maybe your best option for quick and hassle-free small business finance. You can know more at